I live with my wife in Pembrokeshire, one of the most unspoilt areas of the UK. Like many authors, I began writing short stories and contributing to a range of magazines but when I first read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft I was inspired to begin writing books. My first novel, ‘Queen Sacrifice’ was written after looking into the early history of Wales and seeing the parallels to a game of chess, with kings and queens, bishops and castles – and the people becoming pawns in their civil wars.

When not writing I enjoy sea and river kayaking and have a specialist blog Kayak Journeys about some of my more interesting kayak adventures.  I also enjoy hiking and plan to complete the full 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coast path which passes fifty-eight beautiful beaches and fourteen harbours. Other interests include music and art. I have a blog called The Awakening Conscience where I occasionally write about Ruskin and the PRB.

My Contact Information

Please visit my blog The Writing Desk and you are welcome to email me tonyriches@live.com  and follow me on Twitter and Google+.  You may also like to visit my GoodreadsAuthor Page and my Smashwords and Amazon Author Page



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